How to Care for Suzuki JR50

The Suzuki JR50 is a 49 cc displacement motocross bike. The bike is not designed for racing but is capable of handling smaller jumps. The bike is best suited for a young rider who wants to get the experience of riding a motocross bike. As of 2010, the Suzuki JR50 has been in production for more than 15 years. The bike has a single speed automatic transmission, making it easy to ride and easy to learn with. Like any other mechanical product, regular care and maintenance will extend its life cycle.


1)ย Inspect the Suzuki JR50 before you take it onto a course of use it for the day. Pull the oil dipstick and observe the oil is above the “add more” line. Check the brake fluid reservoir located on the handlebars and see the brake fluid is at the correct level. Remove the gas filler gap and see you has gas in your tank.

2)ย Check the tire pressure using an air pressure gauge. Check the tension on the chain, there should be a small amount of play in the chain but no more than a 1/2 inch of movement.

3)ย Test the brakes by rolling the bike forward and pulling the front brake lever on the right handlebar grip. Test the rear brake using your foot on the brake pedal on the right side of the bike.

4)ย Wash your Suzuki JR50 after you have used it and it has had a chance to cool down. First, use a garden hose to remove excess mud from the motorbike. Then, use a bucket with hot water and soap and wash the bike using a large sponge. Rinse the bike with garden hose and dry the bike using a towel.

5)ย Inspect the bike the same way you did prior to using it and inspect all visible nuts, bolts or other fasteners, dddas they could come loose during extended riding. Add oil and brake fluid as needed.

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