How to Uncork a Polaris ATV

Going off-roading with your ATV is a hobby you’ll want to enjoy with the entire family. As your children become older, it is important to teach them to drive an ATV on an appropriately-sized machine. Polaris manufactures smaller versions of their Sportsman and Outlaw ATVs just for this purpose. The speed on these ATVs is limited to 10 MPH to assist in the learning process. As your child’s experience grows, you can increase the speed by adjusting the throttle.


1)ย Locate the throttle’s hand control on the ATV’s handlebars. This is on the right-side handlebar.

2)ย Loosen the jam nut on the rear of the throttle with a wrench.

3)ย Turn the screw clockwise to increase the speed and counterclockwise to decrease the speed.

4)ย Tighten the jam nut to lock in the adjusted speed. Take the ATV for a test drive to assure the proper speed has been set.

Extra Tips:

*ย Children should always be supervised when operating an ATV and wear appropriate protective gear

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