Getting the Front Clutch Off of a Polaris ATV

Installing a new clutch kit for your Polaris ATV, such as the 500 Sportsman EFI, requires removing the stock clutch. However, this model of Polaris ATV has both a primary (front) and secondary (rear) clutch that needs to removed. In order to access the clutch, a few external parts need to be taken off. Removing the front clutch can be done using tools that you may already have in your tool box.


1) Turn the key to the “Off” position and take key out of the ignition. This prevents the engine from being started.

2) Remove the bolts, securing the left side foot rest to the frame and fenders with the socket wrench.

3) Find the zip ties or clamps that are used to secure the vent hose to the top of the clutch cover. Cut the zip ties or the clamps with the wire cutters.

4) Remove the bolts that are securing the clutch cover with the socket wrench. If you see a metal cover on the back of the cover, pry off the clamp with the flat head screwdriver. Take the clutch cover off, but be sure not to damage the gasket in the process.

5) Remove the bolt that is used to secure the rear, or secondary, clutch using the socket wrench. Leave the clutch on the engine for now.

6) Press the belt that is between the two clutches to create some slack. This should be enough to slide the belt off.

7) Remove the bolt that is in the center of the front, or primary, clutch using the socket wrench. Insert a flat head screwdriver into the clutch to keep it from moving when removing the bolt.

8) Thread the clutch puller into the bolt hole by hand. Continue to tighten the clutch puller until the clutch comes off of the shaft.

9) Remove the front and rear clutch from the engine.

Extra Tips:

* Do not cut the rubber boot when removing the zip ties from the vent hose.

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