Removing the Starter From a Polaris Snowmobile

The late summer and fall months are a good time to check and repair your snowmobile in preparation for the upcoming season. Some snowmobiles are equipped with electric starters that eliminate the need for pulling the starter rope time after time to get the engine started. After time, these starters wear out and need replacement. Use these simple steps to remove the starter from your Polaris Indy snowmobile.


1) Open the hood of the snowmobile by releasing the two rubber connectors on each side of the hood surround.

2) Disconnect the negative lead from the battery. Find the electric starter, which is located on the left side of the engine next to the battery.

3) Using pliers, carefully remove the two springs that hold the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold. Remove the retaining spring on the exit end of the pipe that holds the pipe to the snowmobile frame. Remove the exhaust pipe out and away from the snowmobile.

4) On some models, you must remove the exhaust manifold to gain access to the starter. Using an open-end wrench, remove the six nuts that hold the exhaust manifold to the engine block and remove it from the sled.

5) Locate the two starter mounting brackets. There is one on each end of the starter. Using an open-end wrench, remove the bolt that connects the starter to the mounting bracket at the gear end of the unit. There will be a black negative cable connected to it that goes to the battery. This bracket will remain connected to the block.

6) Using an open-end wrench, remove the two bolts that hold the mounting bracket to the engine at the opposite end.

7) Carefully pull the starter out and away. The positive cable is still attached to the back side of the unit. Pull the protective cap away from the bolt and remove it. Disconnect the battery lead and remove the starter from the sled.

8) Using an open-end wrench or socket, remove the two bolts holding the remaining bracket to the starter

9) Install the new starter by reversing this process.

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