How to Change a Ski-Doo Snowmobile Track

Over time and use, the tracks on your Ski-Doo snowmobile will become worn. When it is time to replace your tracks, you can opt to take the snowmobile to a shop to get them changed or you can do the work yourself to save a few bucks. Performing this process yourself is suggested only if you have some mechanical background. Improperly reassembling your Ski-Doo can result in serious damage to the machine or yourself.


1)  Tip your sled onto the side. Remove the front suspension mount bolts using a 16mm socket or wrench. Remove the rear suspension mount bolts using a 10mm Allen wrench. Slide the chassis forward to clear the rear idler wheels from the track. Remove the suspension by sliding it out by hand.

2) Elevate the rear end of your SkiDoo with a sled lift. Drain the oil in your chain case into an oil container by removing the plug on the bottom of the chain case using an Allen wrench. Replace the plug after you have drained the oil. Wipe down any spilled oil.

3) Remove the toolkit from the footrest. Remove the black plastic driveshaft bearing cover using a 13mm socket. Pull the pickup out of the end of the shaft. You may need to use pliers if the piece is difficult to remove by hand. Push the flangette studs into the tunnel to free the bearings and flangette.

4) Remove your chain case by removing the brake caliper mount bolts if your drive shaft has four sprockets. Remove the chain case retention nut with a 16mm socket. Pull the chain case off evenly. If your drive shaft has only two sprockets, skip this step.

5) Slide your driveshaft toward the secondary clutch until the magneto end of the drive shaft is clear of the chain case bearing and seal if it has two sprockets. Slide it away from the clutches until the bearing and flangette are clear of the tunnel opening if it has four sprockets.

6) Point the arrows on the new track toward the front of your SkiDoo. If you are installing a track with deerping lugs, provide clearance by checking the distance between the lugs and head exchangers or tunnels. Use tunnel protectors if you are installing a track with studs.

7) Slide the drive shaft into the chassis as a helper holds your new track in place. Reverse the order the parts came out of the sled. Use care to avoid damaging the chain case seal if it is still bolted into the tunnel.

8) Install all components in reverse order that they were removed. Be sure to follow all torque specifications and to install new spacers behind the sprockets. Add a few drops of thread-locking compound, such as Loctite, on the bottom gear bolt.

9) Tighten the chain tensioner as tight as possible by hand. Reinsert the cotter pin.

10) Refill the chain case with 8.5 ounces of chain lube. Check the dipstick to verify the case is at manufacturer’s specifications.

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