How to Remove the Grips of a Kawasaki Dirt Bike Throttle

The grips on a Kawasaki dirt bike are of a molded rubber with ridges and valleys to make gripping the handlebars easy. Over time, these rubber grips wear down due to normal wear and tear, and need replacing. During race conditions, grips may need changing at the request of the race tech official to ensure that the rider is operating within the relative safety of the race’s rules. This may even include placing wire straps around the throttle grip for extra safety.


1)Β Run the razor blade from the inside of the grip to the outside lip of the grip, ensuring that you cut through the rubber completely, lightly scraping the plastic that the rubber grip is installed on.

2)Β Snip any wire straps that keep the grips in place during rigorous use, using a pair of wire cutters.

3)Β Grip the inner edge of the rubber grip with a pair of pliers and peel outward, removing the grip from the handle bar. Spread a glue-removing liquid on a rag, and wipe the bare handlebar to remove any glue residue left over from the grip’s install.

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