Installation of a K&N Air Filter on a Victory Motorcycle

The K&N air filter is an excellent upgrade to the intake system of a Victory motorcycle. It will allow much better breathing and increase horsepower and fuel economy, as well. The Victory air intake and filter box are located under the fuel tank, which will need to be removed prior to the installation of the filter. There are several upgrades that can be made to the air filter box, aside from replacing the filter; cutting some of the box away or replacing the box entirely with a cool air system adds to the performance of the intake system.


1)ย Pull off the side covers, which are held on with rubber grommets and side cover posts. Remove the seat by removing two 6 mm Allen bolts. Remove the two rubber bolt covers on the bottom-front of the tank; using an 8 mm Allen, remove the two Allen head bolts in the front and the one in the rear. Lift the tank slightly, then remove the vent hose and the electrical connector.

2)ย Turn the fuel off. Loosen the fuel line clamp with the Phillips screwdriver and pull it off. Lift the tank off. Disconnect the air intake temperature sensor and the mass airflow sensor plugs at the air filter box. Remove the four screws in the lid of the air filter box, then remove the lid.

3)ย Install the K&N filter and replace the cover. Plug in the air temperature and mass air flow sensor. Hold the tank close enough to connect the fuel line, vent hose and electrical connector. Lay the fuel tank on the frame.

4)ย Install the two 8 mm Allen bolts in the front and the one in the rear. Install the rubber concealment plugs over the bolts. Install the seat and the two Allen bolts. Install the two side covers.

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