Removing the Engine on a Suzuki DR350

You can modify most dirt bikes without removing their engine. However, to complete some installations and repairs, you must remove the Suzuki DR350 dirt bike’s motor.


1) Wipe down the engine and the frame thoroughly with a non-corrosive cleaner.

2) Unscrew the bolts on both sides of the bike to remove the frame covers, then remove the two bolts securing the seat.

3) Switch the fuel lever to the off position.

4) Disconnect the fuel hose, and remove the four bolts to unmount the fuel tank.

5) Unscrew four bolts to remove the lower engine cover.

6) Remove the oil plug and drain the engine oil into the bucket.

7) Loosen the muffler clamp bolt and the exhaust pipe bolts to remove the exhaust pipe.

8) Disconnect the decompression cable, cylinder head breather hose, high tension cord clamp, spark plug cap and magneto lead wires.

9) Disconnect the throttle cables by loosening the lock nut, then loosen the clamp screws to remove the carburator.

10) Disconnect the clutch cable, release arm and crankcase breather hose.

11) Remove the mounting bolts from the oil hose connector.

12) Remove the gearshift lever, engine sprocket cover, left foot rest and mounting bolts from the engine oil hose connector.

13) Remove the circlip, engine sprocket, drive chain and kick lever.

14) Remove the engine mounting bolts and brackets. You will then be able to remove the engine from the left side of the frame.

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