Kick Start Repair for a Yamaha Dirt Bike

The kick start on a Yamaha dirt bike  is what you push down on to start the engine. The kick start is connected to a metal rod that sticks out of the lower side of the engine. On the bottom of the kick start is a round clamp that is tightened on the metal rod. When you ride the Yamaha dirt bike, mud and other debris get between the clamp and the metal rod. About as often as you change the oil you should remove the kick start and clean the ridges that tighten around the metal rod and secure the kick start to the rod keeping the kick start from slipping.


1) Park the bike on level ground in a well-lit area and allow the engine to cool off completely before you proceed. Locate the nut on the bottom of the clamp that secures the kick start.

2) Remove the nut on the bottom of the clamp using the wrench. Pull the kick start off of the metal rod and clean the inside of the clamp using the metal wire brush. Make sure that all of the debris is completely removed.

3) Scrub the metal rod that comes out of the side of the engine using the metal wire brush and remove all of the debris from the rod. Replace the kick start to the metal rod. Replace the nut to the bottom of the clamp and tighten the nut using the wrench as tight as you can.

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