How to Adjust the Idle on a 1997 Arctic Cat Cougar

The 1997 Arctic Cat Cougar is equipped with a liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder, 550 cc, oil-injected engine. Like most models of snowmobiles manufactured after 1995, the 1997 Cougar’s engine is fuel injected, eliminating much of the need for fuel mixture adjustment. While the engine’s idle is controlled by computer, and should run at approximately 1100 rpm, it may require a minor adjustment after tune ups, when switching fuel, or when operating at different elevations or in extreme temperatures changes. Adjusting the idle is a matter of turning the cable stop screw, located at the base of the accelerator cable mounting bracket, a quarter-turn in or out.


1) Locate the screw at the base of the accelerator cable stop. If it is not readily visible, work the throttle while watching for movement.

2) Start the engine and allow it to warm to normal operating temperature.

3) Increase the idle speed by turning the screw in, if the engine is running rough or wants to stall. If the engine is running too fast, back the screw out.

4) Check the engine speed reading on the tachometer and set it to the proper level according to the owner’s manual.

Extra Tips:

* If the idle needs to be continually adjusted, it could be the result of clogged fuel injectors.

* Needing to adjust the idle set screw more than a quarter-turn to achieve proper idle speed is usually indicative of the need for mechanical repair.


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