How to Make an XR 100 Dirt Bike Street Legal

Honda’s XR100 packs a big punch for such a small dirt bike, making it a perfect candidate to offer a faster alternative to a moped or scooter on the road. Standard road-going fare including a working horn, turn signals, lights and Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved street tires can help you get closer to riding on the street. However, converting an XR100 for street use may take more footwork than just installing parts. A call to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can help you determine what is required, mechanically and legally, to make your XR100 street-legal in your area.


1) Install a dual sport kit, consisting of a headlight, tail and brake light, turn signals and other required electrical components, onto the dirt bike. Ensure that all of the lights, signals and horn operate properly. Test the electrical system’s performance capabilities. Turn on the headlight without starting the motor. The kit’s battery must be able to power the headlight for at least 20 minutes.

2) Install additional equipment onto the dirt bike to meet local traffic codes and ordinances. Install a mirror on one or both sides of the handlebars. Install a baffle into the muffler to reduce exhaust noise. Install an aftermarket magnetic pickup speedometer onto the front fork and wheel. Replace the stock knobby-style off-road tires with dual sport tires that are approved by the DOT for highway use.

3) Register the dirt bike at your local DVM. Complete the vehicle registration form and present the dirt bike’s MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) form. Complete a Statement of Construction form if required. Have the dirt bike inspected, if required by your state or city. Pay any registration fees required and affix the license plate to your dirt bike’s rear fender.

4) Apply for a motorcycle or scooter operator’s license at your local DMV. Complete the tests required by the DMV and pay the required fees.

Extra Tips:

* Street-legal dual sport tires have reduced off-road performance to accommodate road usage. Ride carefully until you have ascertained the tire’s capabilities.

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