How to Break in a New Snowmobile Engine

There’s always been a lot of debate on how to properly break in a new snowmobile. Many people will tell you to “ride it as you always would” and it will be fine. If you take their advice you’ll be taking chances with your new snowmobile because the engine and the drive belt need to be broken in properly to avoid costly repairs. The various manufactures have different procedures for this process, so the best advice is to follow the recommended procedures for your specific model.


Engine and Drive Belt Break-In

1) ย Follow the break-in procedures for the first 300 miles or up to the first 10 hours of operation. This will ensure that your machine will run dependably with proper maintanence.

2)ย Breaking in the engine properly enables the piston rings to seat snugly in the cylinder bore. During the break-in period, avoid jackrabbit starts and vary the engine speed. Avoid prolonged full-throttle operation for the duration of the break-in period. Conversely, driving at slow speeds won’t seat the rings properly either. If the rings don’t seat properly, the pressure in the cylinder will be lower than optimal, which will reduce peak horsepower.

3)ย The drive belt should not be exposed to full throttle for up to two hours or 50 miles. Avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration. Also avoid high-speed cruising and load pulling.

4)ย After the break-in period, have the dealer inspect the machine to ensure that the drive train is in good working order

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