The Best Ways to Store a Motorcycle to Protect Tires

As much as you love zipping down the highway on your motorcycle, it’s likely that weather or other circumstances will stop you from riding–at least for a few weeks out of the year. During those times, a bike must be stored properly to ensure your next ride goes smoothly. Keep your motorcycle out of the snow and follow these guidelines to protect your tires.


Prepare Your Facility

  • Though it’s sad to stash your bike away, make sure you retrieve it for your next ride in the best condition possible. To help protect it, clean your chosen storage space of any fire hazards or debris. Choose a space that protects against rain, snow, ice or extreme temperatures. Avoid future problems by keeping the storage space cool and dry. Set traps to keep rodents and pests away from your prized possession.

Prepare your bike for storage

  • Similar to a car, a motorcycle’s parts–including the tires–will wear down when not being used. Take a few measures to minimize this wear. Change your oil and top off your fluids prior to storing your bike. All Wheels Auto Storage, motorcycle storage experts and facilities in Atlanta, recommend inflating your tires with 10 to 15 extra pounds of pressure to “prevent flat spots.” Take the excess air out before jumping back on your bike, though. When storing for more than several months, consider reducing the tire pressure or removing the tires to alleviate pressure and suspension tension. If you remove the tires, keep those in a cool, dry place, too.

    Wash, dry, clean, wax, buff and lubricate your bike thoroughly. Apply the proper protectant to each of its parts, including the tires. If you don’t know what the correct product for your bike is, contact All Wheels Auto Storage.

    Take your bike for one final spin to let the fluids circulate. Fill up the gas tank while you’re out. When you return, disconnect your battery and connect to a charger or tender. Once the bike cools down from the ride, cover it with a clean and breathable fabric that won’t trap in moisture. Don’t set the parking brake, because it may rust over time.


  • Every now and then, on a clear day, rescue your bike from storage and take it for a spin.

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