How to Tell If Your Snowmobile Track Is Good?

Track condition is important. It’s a bit like the condition of your tires on your car. A snowmobile track and a car’s tires are the contact with the ground. They’re the parts that keep you moving in the direction you want to go, and probably more importantly, these parts that provide contact with the ground allow you to stop. Snowmobile tracks can deteriorate over time and become damaged. You can eyeball your track to see if it’s still good.



1)ย Drive the snowmobile onto the lift and turn the snowmobile’s engine off. Raise the lift so that the snowmobile is above the ground and you can see the underneath of the track. Lock the lift stand.

2)ย Rotate the track by hand and inspect the condition. You are looking for any worn, torn, cut or exposed track fibers. Also take a look for missing inserts or guides. Inspect the track thoroughly. See your dealer if the track is damaged, it’s bad and needs replacing.

3)ย Clear any debris out of the track by hand and with a brush if there is any, so debris doesn’t fly around when you start the snowmobile on the lift.

4)ย Start the engine if the track looked good in Step 2. Accelerate slightly so that the track turns slowly. Check that the track is centered with equal distance on both sides between the edges of the track guides and slider shoes. A non-centered track is good, but needs service.

Extra Tips:

*ย Driving a snowmobile over objects like tree stumps and fence posts can cause damage. Thumping from the track when driving is an indication you need to perform an inspection.

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