How to Snowmobile for the First Time


1) Snowmobiles have brakes. Seriously, brakes. I had no idea, until half way through our ride. So if (like me)you’ve only ridden jet skis before (which are similar, but have no brakes) be aware of the fact that these, in fact, do have brakes. You’ll find that they come in quite handy.
2) While on the trail there are hand signals that you do to let oncoming traffic know how many are in your party. The first person in line holds up as many fingers as there are people following them. Then the next person holds up the number behind them, and so on until the last person who holds up a fist for “zero.”

NOTE: Mittens make these hand signals impossible, so opt for gloves.

3) Older snowmobiles don’t have a reverse function, so keep this in mind when thinking about the places you go. They are light enough to be pulled around if necessary – just don’t count on going in reverse.
4) The helmet is an important thing. It should ideally be a motorcycle-type helmet with a face shield – otherwise you’re face will get very cold and wind-chapped.
5) Make sure you have the right clothing for the trek. Layering is key. Your base layer should be of warm, lightweight long underwear, followed by a bulkier layer for warmth, topped off by a waterproof ski jacket and pants. Don’t forget the warm, waterproof gloves.

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