Get the Most from Your ATV

Years ago, most people viewed four-wheelers as nothing more than recreational vehicles; however, nowadays, they are commonly used as effective utility tools. If you enjoy camping, hunting or you own several acres of undeveloped land; an ATV can make things a lot easier by helping you get more done and keeping you safe at the same time.

Outdoor adventurers tend to go where many won’t. While this can provide the solitude they need to help escape the stresses of day-to-day life; it can also frequently put them in perilous situations. If you find yourself injured or stranded in a remote woodland area, the right ATV accessories can help save your life.

If you own a big stretch of land, you may already use an ATV to get around your property. While many landowners appreciate their ATVs for the transportation they provide; some know they can get more by adding the appropriate functional accessories.

Whether you own land or just like to delve deep into the great outdoors, you should know how to get the most from your ATV by upgrading its abilities and maintaining it so it will always run efficiently.


  1. Service your battery regularly. If you have a conventional battery, check the fluid levels periodically. Remove the caps and add distilled water to dry cells. Remember that some batteries are sealed, meaning they cannot be serviced.

  2. Inspect your battery frequently to ensure it is in good condition. Check for signs of leaking acid; look for tarnished chrome and terminal corrosion.

  3. Attach a winch to your ATV and turn it into a dynamic utility vehicle. Utilize the winch to remove awkward, heavy brush and debris from your land. Take the all-terrain vehicle on your next camping or hunting trip and use your winch to move firewood and large carcasses.

  4. Affix a plow to your ATV so you can cut paths through snow drifts during the cold, long winter. Don’t sit isolated inside your home, when you can use your all-terrain vehicle to keep your property clear and accessible.

  5. Fasten a trailer to the rear of your ATV to help you haul cargo across your land. Easily transport animal feed to your barns; haul lumber long distances without getting tired; effortlessly move awkward, jagged machine parts or heavy containers of fluid without risking injury.

  6. Transform your ordinary 4-wheeler into a survival tool by outfitting it with bright headlights and a GPS system. Never have to worry about getting stranded or injured in remote wooded areas without a way to find help. Invest in the right ATV upgrades, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a way out of dangerous, potentially deadly situations.

Extra Tips:

*Β If you don’t want the burden of servicing your battery, replace it with a sealed lead acid maintenance-free ATV battery.

*Β Although it may seem tedious and unnecessary; battery maintenance can be critical. Often, riders believe their ATV batteries are in good condition and fully charged, when they are not. If you head out into rugged woodland areas, be sure you have checked your battery beforehand; or you could end up stranded far from help.

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