How to Get a Dirt Bike on a Stand

ImageMotorcycle manufacturers have created a customized model, defined as the dirt bike that allows you to partake in the off-road sport of motocross. Motocross consists of different genres including racing as well as freestyle. Freestyle riders drive their dirt bikes off inclined dirt ramps to execute tricks. Despite the discipline of motocross that your bike has been built for, a dirt bike stand remains a helpful tool. The dirt bike stand allows you to suspend your motorcycle during the cleaning or repairing process. According to Motorcycle USA, certain dirt bike stands feature an easy to use foot pedal (See References 1).


Sit onto the seat of your dirt bike. Press the ignition button to start your engine. Drive your dirt bike into a covered area to perform any necessary repairs. Makesure your engine has been turned off before attempting to place your dirt bike onto the stand. Lower the stand onto the ground beside your dirt bike. 

 Slide the stand between your tires to rest under the frame of your dirt bike. Locate the hydraulic foot pedal lever of your dirt bike stand. Press down onthe lever with the bottom of your foot. Lift the back tireΒ of your dirt bike as the lever moves toward the floor. 

3. Allow the lever to lock into place before releasing yourgrip on the back tire. Push lightly against the side of your dirt bike to ensure it can balanceon the stand. Lift up on your back tire to relieve some pressure from the dirt bike stand. Lower your dirt bike back onto the ground by lifting the foot lever with your toes.

4. Place the stand next to your parked dirt bike if it does not feature a hydraulic foot pedal. Lift your handlebars to raise the front wheel of the ground. Rotate your front wheel until the bottom of your dirt bike frame rests above the stand. Lower your handlebars to place your dirt bike onto the stand. Pull forward on the handlebars to lift the back wheel of your dirt bike off the ground.

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Credit: Ehow