How to Change Fork Seals on a Dirt Bike

The fork seals on your dirt bike are located on the two metal bars that hold the front tire on the frame. The front forks on your dirt bike allow your front tire to bounce up and down while you ride over bumps on the trail. Any time these forks suffer damage or leak, you should change the seal. This will help keep the front forks working properly.Image

Things You’ll Need

  • Wrench
  •  Pliers
  •  Flat head screwdriver


  1. Place the dirt bike on a motorcycle stand to get the front tire off the ground. Remove the front tire by removing the axle bolt with the wrench.
  2. Disconnect the front fork from the connection at the handlebars using the wrench. Slide the front fork out of the housing and away from the dirt bike.
  3. Place the front fork bottom side down in a drain pan. Use the pliers to remove the drain nut at the end of the front fork and let the fork drain into the pan.
  4. Remove the fork seat in the middle of the fork using the flat head screwdriver. Slide the old seal off the fork.
  5. Slide the new fork seal onto the fork and press the new seal into place. Return the front fork to the frame of the dirt bike. Secure the front fork to the frame using the securing nut on the connection at the handlebars. Reattach the tire to the forks.

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