What Are the Differences in Personal Watercraft?

Personal watercraft have come a long way since they were first introduced. Not only have they gone through tremendous design changes through the years, but they have switched directions entirely several times since then. Once simply utilized for jumping waves and splashing around in the water, personal watercraft are now depended upon for tasks as diverse as fishing, skiing and travel.Image

Stand Up Personal Watercraft

  • Stand up personal were extremely popular in the 1980s, but have since seen their popularity wane. These personal watercraft are much smaller than other types of personal watercraft and are adept at maneuvering, even when at speed. The rider can choose to ride either on the personal watercraft’s solo seat, or the handlebars can lift up when the rider chooses to stand. These personal watercraft can be quite fast, but are not as powerful as larger seated personal watercraft are.

Seated Personal Watercraft

  • Seated personal watercraft come in a wide array of options and engine choices. Some are relatively tame rides, intended for beginners to personal watercraft, while others can be blisteringly fast, featuring turbocharged and inter cooled engines which produce mountainous amounts of horsepower. Seated personal watercraft can often be found in racing trim, outfitted with performance engine parts and significantly lighter their larger personal watercraft stablemates.

Touring Personal Watercraft

  • Among the largest personal watercraft, touring personal watercraft are designed with power and storage in mind. These craft can be easily utilized for overnight camping trips on small lake islands, or even in riding long distances through waterways such as rivers or coastlines. These watercraft feature much higher fuel capacity than standard personal watercraft, cruise control and many of them also include built in GPS units to help pinpoint exactly where you are at anygiven time, an absolute necessity when touring on a personal watercraft.

Driver + Passenger Personal Watercraft

  • Two riding on a personal watercraft can be loads of fun. Not only do you get to enjoy the day of riding, but you get to take someone along tohave fun with. All touring personal watercraft are set up for two up riding, but not all two up personal watercraft are set up for touring. These are essentially a single personal watercraft with an additional seat for a passenger, as well as a grabbar at the rear of the seat. Otherwise, they are similar in structure and design to other personal watercraft.

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Source: Ehow.com