How to Get Sponsored for Dirt Biking

ImageDirt biking, or Motocross as it is known in the professional world of dirt biking, is a worldwide sport that gets a lot of publicity and is along the same lines as skateboarding. Many motocross riders seek sponsorship in order to ride professionally. Most beginners seeking entry into the field of professional motocross do not know the steps to achieve sponsorship from industry and non-industry companies.There are a few things that you should really pay attention to before going out to acquire sponsorship

  1. Compose a portfolio for your sponsorship presentation. Your portfolio should include a motocross resume in which you outline your discipline of riding, your history with riding, races and how many races you have won. Also include a comprehensive report on what you can offer your sponsors such as advertising, giving out free samples, and mentioning them every time you give a speech to the media after winning a race; also include a detailed description of the things you will need from your sponsor, such as money for bikes, repairs, gear and free samples. Important items to include in your portfolio are pictures of you riding, as well as in the pits (the dugouts of motocross), and really show the space you have on your bike, helmet and gear to advertise for your sponsor. Don’t forget to include a cover page with your name and up-to-date contact information such as phone numbers, address and email address.
  2. Call around to the local shops that you frequent. These can be in or out of the motocross industry. Ask to set up a meeting or speak to the person in charge of issuing sponsorships.
  3. Attend your meetings dressed well with portfolio in hand. Be 10 minutes early to any appointment. Speak with confidence and hold yourself in a professional manner. This is a business contract you are looking to acquire and should be handled appropriately. Public speaking is a must in this profession, and as such, if public speaking is not one of your strong points, work on it.
  4. Always make sure you are taking your sponsors and your reputation into account whenever you are in or around a motocross sporting event. Word will travel fast if you prove to be someone who cannot present your sponsors in a positive light, and it will destroy your chances of getting better sponsors.
  5. Keep searching for the “bigger fish” when it comes to sponsorship. This is how you move up in the ranks along with your performance at the races. While sponsorship is not necessarily based on the number of times you win, it will definitely help your chances of achieving larger sponsors. Sponsors are looking for confidence, intelligence, and a good representative for their company, that is, someone who does not make a spectacle of himself or herself in a negative manner. You need to prove that you are all of these things, and winning normally helps more with the publicity, so the more wins you have, the better your chances.
  6. Ask each potential sponsor that decides not to sponsor you what their deciding factor was in their decision. This is an opportunity for you to learn what sponsors are looking for and it may be something that you can work on. 

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Credit: Ehow