How to Install Slip-On Exhausts on Sportbikes

Slip-on exhaust kits are a great addition to any sport bike. In addition to being very easy to install, they usually provide great power and speed boosts to the bike, as well as great exhaust sound. Installing these products takes only minutes, and can be done by nearly anyone.

Two_Brothers_Racing_M-5_Flange-on_Exhaust_Kawasaki_ZX10R_04-05_zoomThings You’ll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Standard socket wrench set
  • Standard end wrench set


  1. Remove the exhaust clamp from the slip-on exhaust kit. Slide it down the open end of the exhaust tubing. Let it simply hang there, as it will be used shortly.
  2. Place the new slip-on exhaust muffler over the tip of the exhaust tubing and slowly slide it on.
  3. Twist the new muffler until its top mount lines up with the mountingย bracketย on the sportbike’s frame.
  4. Use the included bolt,ย washerย and nut to secure the new muffler to the mounting bracket. Take an end wrench and hold the nut in place on the inner side of the mounting bracket. Tighten the bolt using a socket wrench.
  5. Slide the exhaust clamp up to the end of the slip-on exhaust. Place the clamp about half on the new muffler and half on the exhaust tubing.
  6. Tighten the exhaust clamp using a phillips screwdriver. Be sure to get the clamp as tight as possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • It may be helpful to have another person hold the muffler in place as you tighten the mounting bolt, as well as have them hold the exhaust clamp while you tighten it down.

  • Always stay aware of pinch points when working around motorcycles.

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Credit: Ehow