Care of a Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery

Many people confuse the term “maintenance-free” with care-free. For the most part, maintenance-free means that a battery does not require you to add water or electrolytes periodically in order to ensure proper operation. Nevertheless, improper care of your motorcycle battery will cause premature failure of your battery and might just leave you in a parking lot wondering what to do next.

maintence free

Battery Tender

  • Using a battery tender maintains a constant level of charge to your battery when it is plugged in. These products connect your battery to a wall outlet. This ensures that the battery is not overly stressed by starting and reduces sulfation of the battery.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

  • Although it is not always possible, try to avoid exposing your motorcycle battery to extreme hot or cold. During the winter keep the motorcycle indoors. In the summer months, try not to park for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.

Disconnect The Battery

  • If you are unable to use a battery tender, consider disconnecting the battery from the motorcycle during extended periods of disuse. This will help prevent the battery from draining.

Clean Your Terminals

  • Brushing your terminals with a wire brush from time to time will reduce the buildup of corrosion, which can inhibit electrical flow and cause undue battery strain.

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Credit: Ehow