NUVIZ Ride Head Up Display for Motorcycle Helmets

The contenders for the first really workable Head Up Display for motorcycle helmets is growing and another one, the NUVIZ Ride:HUD, currently on Kickstarter looks like one of the best we’ve seen so far. It can be installed on the chinbar of your current helmet which is pretty much a prerequisite for any system if it’s going to succeed in the market.

The Ride:HUD unit is quickly clamped to your helmet and can be swapped between helmets easily. Your visor can be open, closed or partially open because the transparent screen that displays the information is part of the unit. The information for the display is provided by the Ride:CLOUD app that runs on your smartphone. The many different types of information that can be displayed are selected by a controller mounted on your handlebars, tank or anyplace convenient and is connected by Bluetooth. The controller can be operated with gloves on.


One of the reasons this system seems so well designed is because of the two companies involved in its development.

“NUVIZ is a joint venture between HOLOEYE Systems and APX Labs. We met each other while discussing wearable display technology opportunities for military and industrial applications. We quickly realized that we were all motorcycle enthusiasts, and decided to harness our expertise to develop a product that we would love to have on our own helmets.”

The information available for display is almost anything you could want, navigation, weather, telemetry, music, communication, track data and more. There’s even an HD camera.ย Plans are for summer of 2014 availability if they can get the funding to finish development and get production under way. Judging from what they have so far, I think this one is a pretty good bet. Nice unit. Watch the video below:

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