Loretta Lynn National & A Lot of Heart

IMG_394099762189260Sometimes you find a rider that won’t quit even in the face of physical challenges and big crashes, here is a short story from the perspective of a father in one of those situations, enjoy the read and photos.

IMG_394021686171426“Couldn’t be more proud of this kid. Just 4 weeks ago he fractured his collar bone preparing for the Mid East regional at Red Bud. He was heart broken thinking his dream of Lorettas this year was all but gone. He knew if he did everything the Dr said he would have this chance at Sunset Ridge to make this last chance in the North Central. He drank his milk, ate his vitamins, ate healthy.  Dr released him to ride just days before the regional. With 3 weeks off the bike and no practice he knew he had to give it everything he had. These kids have been riding the whole time. Practicing.  Moto schools. Training. But he had something more than them. Heart! Man does this kid have heart..”


“Moto 1 he took a 2nd. Moto 2 he took a 4th. Which sets him up good going into moto 3. They only take the top 6 out of a 40 rider gate. Moto 3 he comes out of the gate in 5th.  Coming around the turn on lap 1 just before the finish line he falls and gets ran over. By the time he gets up I think it’s over. He’s hurt. But no. He’s came too far. He gets back on his bike. Gets it started. And gets it going.


By now he’s in 25th on lap 1. He Flys by me like he’s on a mission. I hear the sound of his bike reving so high like he’s going to blow it up he’s riding it so hard. By lap 2 he’s now in 15th. Again riding so close to the edge I can tell he wants this very bad. By lap 3 he’s now up to 12th. And on the final lap he finishes in 8th. Aginst the fastest kids from Texas, Florida,  Washington, Colorado,  Illinois.  Etc… his lap times were 3 seconds faster than the leader.

By the time I got to the trailer I could see in his face the look of disparity on weather or not he qualified.  He walked straight to the results booth to wait for the post.  Within 5 minutes which felt like forever he was overjoyed with the results.  He’s been on cloud 9 since!”


Sent in from the father, Blaine Switzer, of the little rider with heart – Cayden Switzer.

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