ATV Trail Building 101

Trail Building for beginners:




Now, lets start with the tips.
1. Know your terrain. You HAVE to know what your building with when building trails. Rocky and rooty terrain is the hardest to work with. What I do is go out and spend hours using the saws-all cutting out roots. I don’t want to make a wrong move and go over my handlebars when the root is too tall. The roots and slip out your tires when your turning also. If a knobby catches a root on the side, your backside is going to kick out and you’ll be on your head faster than you can say it. I know, it’s happened to me.
2. Since you only have limited space to work on, you HAVE to plan out first. Use Google Earth and get a sky view. Print it out and write on it. The trails will usually have to be skinny in order to make it long enough. What I do when I have is I make the trails keep winding like a snake, so it doesn’t get boring doing straight-aways. You can fit in other trails right beside the other ones. If you do not get what I’m saying, try to picture it in your head.

~Making trails when you have a lot of land~

1. When you make trails when you have a lot of land, it makes it easier and harder at the same time. It makes it easier because you have plenty of land to work with, making it more fun and less intense turns, etc. Also makes it easier to plan out. It makes it much harder because since you have a lot of land to work with, it will take awhile to build at first, and then take long to do routine maintenance.
2. Read #1 of urban area tips. Knowing your terrain.

~Doing Routine maintenance!~

1. Doing maintenance on your trail may not be fun, but it is essential. It will not only make it much safer, but it will be funner and make you more confident. If you do not do maintenance, you or someone else WILL get hurt. It’s only a matter of time.
2. Slick leaves, leaves hiding dangerous spots, snow, ice, branches, roots, logs, etc can make your trail extremely dangerous! Extremely dangerous!
3. What I do is I take my gas-powered leaf blower and blow ALL the leaves off the trail. Yeah, it takes awhile but you have to do it. One time I was riding and some leaves hid a rabbit hole, my front tire fell in and I went head of bars. Scared the heck out of me. I clean my trails every week, making sure nothing is wrong.
4. What I do after I clean up the trails with the leaf blower I then walk them. I make sure no logs or branches is blocking a trail or making it dangerous to ride on such as hitting it straight on, like I said before, making you go head over your bars.
5. The final tip is on snow. What I do is take my snow blower and blow all of the snow off the trail. If you have an ATV with a blow, I suppose it would work.

~List of Tools~

1. Hand saw
2. Saws-all
3. Rake or leaf blower
4. Chain saw
5. Bush cutters
6. Clearing saw


BONUS: Building an ATV Bridge:


Credit: byebi at, mistermike614

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