Could a Ski-Doo Utility Sled is Your Best Choice?


Our very first vehicles were tracked work vehicles nearly 100 years ago. So we know a thing about snowmobiles for getting the job done. No one comes close to our Ski-Doo utility sled offering. And the best part is that no matter how hard-working each one is, it is also very capable of having fun, too.  Here’s why you should choose a Ski-Doo utility sled:

You get the most Choices

We offer 3 families of sport-utility sleds, each with a little different personality to fit where and how you ride. Each is excellent off-trail, with large wide tracks.

Expedition sleds have the most recreational mix, with their more precise and capable A-arm front suspension, comfortable seats and touring-sled features.

Tundra sleds are lightweight and economical…and can travel almost anywhere with their large tracks and LTS front suspension (more on that below).

Skandic sleds are our workhorses, with massive tracks and the LTS front suspension.

Don’t forget the specialty sleds! The Tundra and Expedition Xtreme sleds mix their go-anywhere capability with high performance features for off-trail fun like nothing else in snowmobiling.  And then the Expedition SE adds even more capability and comfort to an already capable and comfortable sled, including Air Control suspension, winch, skid plate, standard cargo box and more.


They’re Designed for Work

None of our utility models are just trail sleds with big tracks, like others’. Ours are designed for work, with utility- and deep-snow-specific features. And many are designed at BRP-Finland, where there are no trails and your sled needs to just flat work.

LTS front suspension: The only telescopic front suspension in snowmobiling enables the flat bellypan to just glide over deep snow and obstacles like a ski tip. 2012-Ski-Doo-Tundra-Front-Suspension-LTS

SC-5U rear suspension: A comfortable ride on- or off-trail, plus an articulated rail. The free setting reduces the footprint on packed snow for easier cornering and better fuel efficiency; it also makes backing-up in deep snow more effective. Locked down, it delivers full traction and flotation for towing or off trail riding.

Syncromesh transmission: Take off from a stop smoothly, even with a heavy load, thanks to two forward and one reverse gears. Inline 2-1-N-R pattern on right side and can be safely shifted while on the fly.

Underseat storage: Most all our utility sleds have weather-resistant storage spaces under the seat in addition to massive cargo racks.

Others:  Bumpers are designed for heavy duty operation in the woods and select Expedition sleds even have passenger handholds that flip out of the way for boondocking in deep snow.

Engine Choices are Second to None


You can choose from nearly every engine in the portfolio, lightweight performance 2-stroke or ultra-reliable and efficient 4-stroke.

  • 800R E-TEC
  • 600 H.O. E-TEC
  • 1200 4-TEC
  • 900 ACE
  • 600 ACE (with the best fuel economy in snowmobiling!)
  • 550 Fan

And the 4-stroke engines all come with intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), enabling you to limit the speed and acceleration of the sleds, which is helpful for fleet operations.


  • Owners tell us (in our annual survey of them) reliability is one of the top 3 reasons they’re buying Ski-Doo.

“Ski-Doo’s don’t have to go through a long list of recalls or service bulletins, parts fit and seal up as they’re intended, and they’re made of quality materials that are durable and resist corrosion. The company’s sleds perform better because of this attention to detail…” – SnowGoer


We have a full selection of purpose-built accessories that can help you get the job done, including winches, skid plates, bumpers, cargo boxes, hitches, gun boots and much more.


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