Gear Up: Red Bull Snow Boundaries 2016

Racing Details, Maps, and Sweet Info!

Red Bull Snow Boundaries will crown the ultimate snowmobile champion in a race unlike any other. Featuring a grueling 13-mile loop, racers will face an unrelenting onslaught of natural and man-made terrain including tight wooded trails, high-speed swamps, vertical climbs, icy chicanes and big air snocross. Redefine your limits and experience the ultimate snowmobile challenge this February 20, 2016 at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. Registration opens November 14th.


What are the racing classes?
Red Bull Snow Boundaries has two classes, Ditchbangers, for amateur riders and Open Racer, for riders with professional race experience.

What kind of snowmobile is needed for the race?
For the Ditchbanger class, approved snowmobiles are:
Stock snowmobile up to 600cc’s 2 stroke, or
Stock snowmobile 601cc-800cc 2 stroke, 140” track length minimum, 1.5” lug height minimum, or Stock snowmobile up to 1050cc, 4 stroke

For the Open Racer class, approved snowmobiles are:
Stock snocross snowmobile, up to 600cc 2 stroke or 1050cc 4 stroke
Factory super stock snowmobiles, up to 600cc 2 stroke or 1050cc 4 stroke

Can I paint my race number on my snowmobile?
All assigned race numbers must be 6” tall, black with white background.


Is a Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S, permitted in the Ditchbanger class?
No. In order to race a 799cc snowmobile, a 140” track and rail system will need to be installed.

What class should former racers register in, Ditchbanger or Open Racer?
Any racer with professional race experience in any discipline including snocross and cross-country in the last 5 years should register in the Open Racer class. If you are a former racer but have not raced in 5 or more years, register in the Ditchbanger class.

If a snowmobile has a key and shut-off switch, is a tether also required?
Yes, all snowmobiles entered to race MUST HAVE a functioning shut-off switch and tether system.

Are headlights required in Open Racer class?
For factory designated purpose built snocross sleds, headlights are not required.

Do you need to be an experienced rider to compete?
The course is challenging, but you do not need to be a professional rider to compete. All amateur and non-professional riders will race in the Ditchbanger class. Experienced, professional riders will race in the Open Racer class.

What is the prize purse?
There will be up to $100,000 in cash and prizes. Please see the rules document for prize purse breakdown.

How long is the race? What is the course route?
The Ditchbanger class will race 2 hours plus 1 lap. The Open Racer class is 4 hours plus 1 lap.



Are studded tracks required?
Studs are not required, but are highly recommended. For optimal riding on this course, 4” carbides are recommended.

What are the specific technical requirements for snowmobiles?
All participating sleds will need operational safety(kill) switch, a tether, functioning headlights and tail lights (factory designated purpose built snocross race sleds excluded), parking brake, ski and ski runners (carbides).

What type of race support vehicles are permitted?
All riders are permitted one truck and one trailer in the pit area. Load in schedule will be posted two weeks prior to the event date.

Are 800cc snowmobiles with a 137” track permitted?
No. For safety reasons, all snowmobiles, 601cc-800cc require a minimum track length of 140” and a minimum lug height of 1.5”.

Is the registration fee refundable if a rider cancels prior to the race?
No, registration fees are non refundable with the exception of a full event cancellation by Red Bull due to weather. If Red Bull Snow Boundaries race officials cancel the entire event due to weather, all athlete registration and fuel fees will be refunded in full.

If a rider breaks down out on the trails, will race support help bring the rider and snowmobile back to the pits?
Event staff and rider support vehicles will be positioned at multiple points throughout the course. If a rider experiences mechanical difficulty or is unable to complete the course and cannot ride back to the pits, race officials will bring him/her and the snowmobile back to the pits.

How much fuel is needed to complete the race? Is there a fueling station on-site?
Racers must arrive with a full fuel tank, subsequent fuel stops will be furnished by organizers for all oil-injected sleds; pre-mix and race fuel racers must supply their own fuel. Race officials estimate that Ditchbangers will go through 24 total gallons of fuel and Open Racers will go through 48 gallons.

Will results from Red Bull Snow Boundaries count in any other race series?
Red Bull Snow Boundaries is a stand-alone event. The standings from this event do not apply to any other snowmobile races series.

Do riders race against the clock or against other riders for position?
Riders will race against the clock within their own class.

Is there one race winner or is there a winner for each class?
All riders will be ranked within their class. There will be a Ditchbanger winner and an Open Racer winner. The Ditchbanger and Open Racer classes will each be paid out in cash and/or prizes from 1st to 10th place. Please see the official rules document for payout breakdown.

If a rider wins a prize, can he/she choose to receive the cash value equivalent instead?
If a rider receives a prize as all or part of the payout for their finish position, he/she cannot choose to receive the cash equivalent of that prize. However, he/she may choose to either refuse receipt of the prize or sell the prize on their own after receiving the prize.

How is race time tracked?
All riders will be required to have a transponder on the their snowmobile. Transponders will be checked out at event registration and returned after the event. If transponders are not returned after the event, a fee of $240 will be charged to the rider.

In order to race in the Open Racer class, riders must have competed in a sanctioned race previously. What do riders need to provide to β€œprove” they have competed in a race?
Red Bull Snow Boundaries race officials will reference official race series standings and will contact individual riders if competitive status is in question.

Do professional riders need to qualify?
No. Qualifying is not necessary for the Ditchbanger or Open Racer class. The Open Racer class will participate in a seeding lap on the event day to determine start position.

What is the minimum age to enter?
Event Participants must be at least 18 years old to compete at the time of the event. All riders must provide a valid photo ID at registration.

Do riders need to show proof of health insurance to ride?
Due to the serious nature of the event, all race participants are required to provide proof of health insurance at registration.

Can riders register the day of the event?
All riders must register no later than Friday, February 19, 2016. There will not be any opportunities to sign up on-site the day of the race.

What is the registration deadline?
All riders must register no later than Friday, February 19, 2016

What is the required racing apparel?
All riders must wear a full coverage helmet, eye protection, safety vest (EVS, TekVest, Liatt or other snowmobile specific vest), shin and knee guards and boots.

How are race numbers determined?
Race numbers will be provided at registration for the Ditchbanger class. Event organizers will make best efforts to avoid race number duplicates for the professional riders in the Open Racer class.

When will race bibs be distributed to riders?
Race bibs will be provided to athletes at athlete check-in on Saturday, February 20th.

Does ERX have the ability to make snow?
Yes. This is one of many reasons we are at ERX, if mother nature does not agree with us, we will have the ability to make snow. We do reserve the right to adjust the course route and length to match snow conditions.

Will the race be televised?
The first Red Bull Snow Boundaries will not be televised but will be captured by a photo and video team while on-site.

Where can my friends and family go to spectate?
There will be several areas for spectators to watch the race. Official spectator viewing areas will be posted on the website at a later time.

Is there a host hotel?
Yes, the host hotel for staff and athletes is the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Rogers, MN. A Block of rooms has been reserved for riders. To reserve a room, notify the reservation agent that you are a Red Bull Snow Boundaries athlete. Additional hotel options are list below. Please be aware there is not a room block for Red Bull Snow Boundaries athletes and rooms are on a first come first serve basis.


Holiday Inn Express, Rogers, MN (763) 428-3000
Country Inn and Suites, Elk River, MN (763) 241-6990
Hampton Inn and Suites, Rogers, MN (763) 425-0044

Will there be a Red Bull Snow Boundaries After Party?
Yes, there will be a celebration on Saturday night for Red Bull Snow Boundaries athletes, friends and families. Details on the celebration will be released at a later time.

Where will event updates be posted?
All event details, rules, course maps and race information will be posted on For specific questions, please contact

How do I share and follow along with Red Bull Snow Boundaries information on social media?
Follow along and share the details with #snowboundaries

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