2017 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Releases


It’s not how fast you ride, but rather how well you ride fast. Much of the thinking that goes into our sleds comes from the racetrack where professional riders encounter conditions no test lab can simulate. A prime example is the SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension™ designed to reduce track tension through the full range of compression, absorbing bumps and minimizing ski lift. That’s important when 160 horsepower is cut loose.


The lightest, strongest and most capable chassis we’ve ever built incorporates aluminum extrusions, stampings, forgings and castings in a design that sets the standard for high-tech construction. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components. The lightweight chassis is extremely rigid. Whether you’re off to the races or on to your favorite trail system, nothing carves out more fun.



The geometry of the front suspension directs load paths to the center of the chassis. This configuration gives the front end an aggressive look and equally aggressive handling characteristics. The lightweight, one-piece forged aluminum spindle is designed for strength. Ball joints prevent friction and create better rider feedback. Overall, this design makes these sleds highly maneuverable in all conditions.



Race-day technology has been brought to everyday performance. The SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension maintains a free-acting front arm while coupling under torque over bumps, and during aggressive corneringand acceleration. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the front arm follows the bump, keeping your skis firmly planted. It’s the only suspension featuring a U-shaped slot that fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement (SLIDE-ACTION). This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration.