5 Tips for Starting a Road Trip

Step 1: Your bike you prepare!

I tell you right now. Forget the last-minute changes. It happened to me 2 times.

The first: a pot that almost got the boot on a fast track

The 2nd: a piece of metal in the eye when I cut my DB Killer. Conclusion: At the end of Day 3, unbearable pain. T have already tried to do 700km on the back with one eye closed and feel your heart beating in to finish in the hospital where the hacks you the eye with a needle … not good!

Another thing to think your drain, check the brake fluid, the condition of the tires, their pressure etc … Every piece that you think “bah it shall stand like that,” forget. It does NOT take place!

In short all the usual checking for safe riding. We take a puncture bomb, earplugs (useful for long journeys and also when his mates snore), the American tape, wire, the rislans 2/3 fuses, a spare cable set and a Leatherman-type tool. It is useless to take the entire toolkit, you never have the right … The fix is power to reach the nearest garage.

Also, if the position is intended toad, or else combo Bracelets / advanced controls, or even better “I roll rigid as in the USA,” well yeah buddy except that is not in the US and that after 20 bounds when two of your lumbar discs will say hello, you’ll regret it!

It is better to focus more comfort position, better able to chain the terminals for the roadtrip did not become Calvary.



Step 2: Your equipment, carefully, you’ll choose! 

It’s essential ! We forget the perfect look to concentrate on multipurpose equipment, such as a comfortable jacket equipped with protections elbows / shoulders / back will be much more effective than a shirt!

Making kilometers increases the potential risk situations and the principal is returned in one piece! Good alternatives exist for those who do not want to travel in full leather, BOWTEX solution is pretty good.


Ditto the travel bag can ruin a roadtrip, especially when it gets stuck in the rear wheel. PriviliΓ©gier waterproof models (a military bag in a surplus costs 20 € …), easily sanglable on the passenger seat.

Quick tip : Always take 2 pairs of gloves and socks (at minimum). There is nothing worse than riding with gloves and wet feet! Can change during a stage will be jealous of all your fellow travelers! In extreme cases, it can take a pair of latex gloves to put on his wet gloves, it will save you on the last kilometers!

Travel light! It is useless to take 2 cameras, 3 pants, 2 sweaters and last Monopoly. We must have a practical and small!



Step 3: The route you prepare!

Oh they are beautiful the slogans like “get lost is the real journey” . Maybe, but not in this case!

It is better to spend two evenings searching the Internet, or in the Michelin guides bikes on routes with beautiful roads. Not bad sites and books cover the subject, we have to bone up …

Imagine you are in the Massif Central, you heard about the “famous” beautiful roads and you, like a fool, you will find that departmental microphones poorly paved and gravel which may send you to the heap at any time. Then after two days, you realize that you were just 20km billiards with 200 turns …

Same, time is sometimes limited. Rather make me 2 / 3h motorway (ouhhhh shame !!) to achieve faster roads and nice turns. It is nice to enjoy a half extra day in amazing landscapes and on roads that give bananas, as crossing the Beauce (I have nothing against the Beauce) 90km / h …

To find the good restaurant, where you can get lost and let go at random! Discover local food is also part of the adventure!



Step 4: To sleep, 2 solutions are available to you!

For more loose (yes!), The hotel is the easiest alternative. Shower, breakfast, bed comfortable but potentially paying …

There are technical Camping Sauvage. Be careful where you stop, some areas are protected and if it grabs you to make fire, it is ensured fine.

The right solution is ringing / knocking at farmer / country people and ask them to install on their property by promising not to damage anything. 1, it will avoid you to make you wake up suddenly with rifles 2am because you were on private property and 2, they are often hospitable and sometimes they’ll pay you a drink!

To sleep, supporters of the tent, forget the model 2 seconds. There are tents (around € 80) taking in a little bag and sufficient to 2. Consider making a bed of leaves or it’s lumbago!

For my part, I prefer the hama c. We can fix it between two trees, it’s more comfortable and still affordable by adding a sleeping bag (same’ll delve into a military surplus). For rain, there must be a rope, attach it to 1.50m above the hammock and soft plastic tarpaulin (fine even) as a “roof” stretched to the ground with straps that you used to fasten your bag to the bike.


Step 5: Roll is good, several is better!

And yes the roadtrip will be even more memorable lorqu’il is shared. It is better to focus a small group 4/5 c is ideal to avoid inertia “I have not the full / I have to go pee / I’m not up / I do not want to eat / I am tired ”

If problems occur, there will necessarily be that THE good idea.

We remember the motorcycle license which clearly stated that is best left open the road to the more Experienced (and also the equipped card) . And for those who want jostling, they can pass on the climb of a pass and wait for the rest of the top group.


Ride at your own pace it’s no use of force because “there is a guy who made the circuit” and raises the knee throughout. At worst this is a lot of excuses to disperse throughout the roadtrip:

  • You attack you?
  • Nan but I preserves the mechanical, me
  • I enjoy the scenery is beautiful, you do not know what you guys miss
  • Anyway to win 10 seconds what is it?
  • I have a mechanical noise I prefer to go slowly
  • I have a small tank I preserves the autonomy
  • nan but it’s my tires, they give me confidence moderately on such coatings
  • I thought you were behind, I was waiting for you!
  • I have no ground clearance, it rubs everywhere I can not go more!

Conclusion: Go, explore, share memories with friends, enjoy these timeless moments to put aside your everyday worries and rejuvenate, much needed in these gloomy times.



Credit: (and google translate for translating the French to English for our readers!)

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