First Look: The New 2020 Arctic Cat Riot Snowmobile

Take a look at the new 2020 Arctic Cat Riot Snowmobile. Learn about the all new features, specs, and pros through Photos and Arctic Cat’s Official release video below.

It’s a do-it-all snowmobile for the riders that want to enjoy both racing and speed aspects to their snowmobile or for those that want to go out an shred the powder. It’s a very high-performance snowmobile, combining race inspired ARS two front suspension with all new forged aluminum spindles, and the all new cross action rear suspension. The riot was made to really thrive in any snow on any terrain. Perfect for our midwest riders, or for those who will be traveling throughout the season to experience different riding conditions, and importantly, unexpected conditions.  Professional backcountry rider Gabrielle Hockley and Rob Kincaid (World champion hillclimb racer & black cats backcountry rider) “the riot is very face, and very responsive in the corners. The suspension is really great, super smooth.”

“To excel in all snow conditions, the cross action rear suspension blends the increased weight transfer of an uncoupled rear arm with the optimal cornering and bump absorption of our slide action front arm resulting in a playful ride.”

The 146 inch Cobra track features cut lugs for superior acceleration and braking performance in loose soft snow conditions while providing traction on hard packed rails. You can choose your lug height, where some riders prefer riding powder, some might prefer more fast trail riding. This is perfect for the Midwest rider that might want to go fast down the trail, or switch it up when after another Polar vortext hits! Features like G2 Pro Climbs 7 Skis with molded in boot traction and a lay down steering post for both comfortable trail charging and aggressive deep powder counter steering, a mountain seat, and an adjustable  42 to 43 inch ski stance, make the riot the only machine that can take on any snow, anytime, at any altitude.

For more information on Arctic Cat Snowmobiles, or Arctic Cat Side by Sides, you can view the complete lineup at Actic Cat’s 2020 release page:

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