In a year where recreational vehicles are scarce, putting down a deposit for next year helps!

By Will Burgess

You, just like millions of Americans, probably had the same thought this summer: “How can I have a good time at a safe distance?” And among those millions, many took to buying a recreational product they had been putting off until the time was right. Then suddenly, that time came.
So that they could “get away” without having to “get close” to someone else, many took to buying bicycles, camping tents, and even more luxurious goods like cars and even boats. Of course, not everyone has the room or the finances to buy a boat, and really, aren’t they supposed to be a lot of work to maintain and store? So, personal watercraftβ€”ie: jet skisβ€”became the must have toy of the COVID era.
And they sold out. Fast.

Dealers generally understand that most buyers for watercraft tend to buy them in the early months of the year, April, May, June, or so, and if they haven’t bought by the week after Independence Day, that was just about the extent of customers for the season. Not in 2020.
This year buyers have, and are, continuing to snap up new and used jet skis as they come available in the marketplace many without hesitation and cash in hand, just to be sure they have something for the tail end of this season, and at worst, going into next season.

If you, like so many others, are also searching for your next thrill, placing a deposit on a 2021 model is going to be your best bet to ensure you get the vehicle you need. Instead of waiting for more slim inventory to trickle in at your local dealership, preview the 2021 vehicle that strikes your interest, and talk to your dealer about reserving a spot with a small cash-down payment. Look at it this way, if you want the high-performance PWC with all the gauges and features, pre-order that now, so you’re not stuck with that sport fishing model you didn’t really want.

Sea-Doo is among the few retailers still offering big incentives on preorder requests

Sea-Doo is offering a special promotion, now through March 31, 2021, that gives consumers two years of warranty protection, financing at a rate of 2.99% for 36 months and a $500 rebate on select models, when you pre-order the Doo you want right now. What’s more, Sea-Doo has introduced some special new models this year that range from top-end sport craft, to throwback models in retro color schemes.
It’s better to act fast, because preorder periods for every manufacturer are different, and once they are done making 2021 vehicles for the year, you have to wait all over again for next season’s models to be released.

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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