Operation Ranch Rebuild Aims to Restore Loretta Lynn Ranch After Record Flood

Hurricane Mills, Tenn β€” Operation Ranch Rebuild is underway in Hurricane Mills, TN, home to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

In late August 2021, the city of Waverly, Tennβ€”a mere ten minutes away from the Lynn Ranchβ€”became inundated with water from a storm surge that caused widespread devastation and killed 22.

Now dedicated motocross fans and racers have come together to rebuild parts of the ranch and track area damaged by the floods, ahead of the Amateur National Motocross Championship in late July 2022.

Spearheaded the Racers4Waverly initiative and MX Sports Inc, volunteers broke ground on Tuesday to begin the major recovery operation.

β€œIt’s hard to believe eight months have passed since this incredibly tragic disaster hit Humphreys County and left tremendous loss in its wake,” said Tim Cotter, Event Director with MX Sports Inc, “but from the moment it happened it has been our mission to be a leader in the recovery efforts for Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and the community of Waverly,”

In addition to raising funds and soliciting volunteers for the rebuild project, the Racers 4 Waverly fundraising initiative has also raised thousands of dollars to benefit families, businesses, and others impacted by the devastating floods.

β€œSince then, we’ve rallied the motocross community to come together in benefit of those who need our help the most and have raised more than $350,000 through our ‘Racers 4 Waverly‘ fundraising initiative with the Road 2 Recovery Foundation.”

In addition, Yamaha Motor Corporation of Marietta, GA has pledged lumber in support of the project, as well as a a local construction company, Maskon Construction of Salisbury, NC, which will provide manpower and equipment.

Operation Ranch Rebuild is still accepting donations and willing volunteers.
You can learn more about Operation Ranch Rebuild at the Road2Recovery website: https://road2recovery.com/cause-view/racers-4-waverly/

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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