Kawasaki Launches Fully-Electric Balance Bike

By Will Burgess

Foothill Ranch, Calif β€” A child’s first experience on two wheels is such a memorable time, not only for the child but for the parents as well.

While standard bicycles are a common first step for a child learning to ride, few products exist to help bridge the gap to a small displacement motorcycle.

Enter the 2023 Elektrode.
This all-new electric balance bike is designed from the ground up by the brand behind the KX motocross powerhouse: Kawasaki (KWHIY), themselves.

The Elektrode marks Kawasaki’s first foray into the balance bike market | Kawasaki USA

Little rippers can now start their journey on two wheels as early as three years old, meaning, the path to the podium now starts earlier than ever.

The 2023 Elektrode electric balance bike is the first of its kind for Kawasaki, leading the way with an air-cooled, brushless, in-wheel electric motor producing 250 watts of acceleration at the rear wheel.

Power is delivered in a smooth, linear fashion and gets the Elektrode moving in a predictable way, gradually building the rider’s comfort with power and control.

Kawasaki said in a press release the electric motor is virtually silent, so kids will feel less intimidated by the noise normally produced by the engines and exhaust of traditional motorcycles.

The ergonomic seat is also adjustable to grow with the rider. Parents can also select from multiple speed modes to allow riders to grow and adapt as their abilities increase.

On a single charge, the Elektrode can run for 2.5 hours (approximately nine miles) and only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge.

Kawasaki expects to retail the Elektrode for USD$1,099 at your local dealer.

Visit Kawasaki’s Elektrode product page for more information: https://www.kawasaki.com/…/electric-balance-bike/elektrode

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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