RECALL ALERT: Can-Am Rykers May Lose Power, Stall While Driving

By Gerard Rossman

BRP has issued a voluntary recall notice in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The recall bulletin states that certain Can-Am Ryker three-wheel vehicles (3WV) manufactured between model year 2019 to 2023 may lose power if and when a wiring harness in the front fender comes loose and rubs the tires.

“The position light and flasher electrical harness in the front fenders may be loose,” reads the bulletin issued by BRP. “Over time, this could lead to a short circuit causing an engine stall while driving without the ability to restart the vehicle. If this happens, the Vehicle Stability System (VSS), which includes the Anti-Blocking System (ABS), will not be available. This situation may increase the risk of a crash.”

Vehicle owners are requested not to use or ride their 3WV until the recall is completed, and add “the procedure should take less than an hour.”

BRP will be issuing recall notices for owners of the affected vehicles and urge customers to schedule an appointment with their servicing dealership to have the repairs completed at no cost when they receive notice. Additionally, they request vehicle owners do not complete any repairs themselves and to allow the dealership to repair vehicles to specification.

This recall marks the fourth in the Ryker’s short-lived history of only four years on the road.

Details about the recall can be found at BRP’s On-Road Recall Center website where you can also lookup your vehicle status based on your VIN, or locate your nearest Can-Am dealership.

Gerard Rossman is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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