RECALL ALERT: Polaris Recalls Sportsman 450 and 570 ATVs from 2021-23 for Brake Failure & Fires

By Gerard Rossman

Polaris has issued a recall bulletin (A-22-04) for 2021 to 2023 model year all-terrain vehicles including the Sportsman 450 and Sportsman 570.

Polaris states, “a wiring harness may have been improperly assembled by the supplier and wires may contact the brake line and/or vehicle frame resulting in potential loss of front brakes and/or fire.”
Continuing to operate these vehicles could result in risk of serious injury, and owners are asked to not ride or use these ATVs until a recall has been completed.

As of the time of this bulletin’s release, Polaris has not produced a resolution for this recall procedure, writing “Polaris is currently evaluating a repair for this concern. At the time of availability, Polaris will notify dealers and reply to you by mail (and email if available).”

Once an update to the recall procedure has been announced to customers, those with affected vehicles are asked to locate their closest servicing Polaris dealer to perform the recall, at no cost to the consumer.
Vehicle owners are advised not to complete any repairs under this recall bulletin themselves, and are urged to have the recall repairs completed by an authorized and trained dealer.

Although Polaris does not release specific details for vehicle retail sales. the Sportsman ATV is among the top selling off-road vehicle line in the United States; additionally, Polaris reported record sales and earnings in 2021 at their yearly earnings analysis.

Details about the recall can be found on Polaris’s Product Safety Announcement website, where you can also lookup your vehicle status based on your VIN, or locate your nearest Polaris dealership.

Gerard Rossman is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

One comment

  1. So just as a comment..
    How long does it take to add a zip tie or relocate wires? We have a machonebthats been in the shop for months now with this and a winch issue looming over our heads.
    Seems that they are not after a solution but to keep out of litigation.
    Maybe next hunting season we will have this rectified.
    ATC never leaves us hanging like this


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