RECALL ALERT: Polaris Recalls 2022-23 Matryx PRO RMK and RMK KHAOS Snowmobiles, Over 23,000 Vehicles Affected

By Gerard Rossman

In November, Polaris has issued a recall on a select range of 2022-23 vehicles, however in a video announcement last night they discussed a repair procedure to finally fix the reported problem.

Polaris has determined that under certain operating conditions some Model Year 2022 and 2023 Matryx RMK KHAOS and PRO RMK snowmobiles (including Slash models) may be susceptible to brake system overheating which may significantly increase the risk of a fire, leading to serious injury.

Polaris states in recall bulletin S-22-10 that ALL models mentioned previously are impacted, and notices of the recall will be sent to these vehicle owners. This recall affects over 23,000 vehicles sold globally.

Owners and dealers are advised not to ride or sell any of the affected units until the impacted vehicles can be inspected and repaired by an authorized dealer. Repairs will be completed for the affected consumers for free.

Polaris has identified 60 reports of heat/brake drag, including fourteen reports of fire as a result of this concern. No reports of personal injury or property damage have been reported.

Polaris issued a message to snowmobile consumers Thursday regarding this recall with the message that a fix is incoming for all affected units, with the understanding that all impacted vehicle owners were informed not to ride or use their product with unfortunate timing at the very start of snow season in the Northern Hemisphere this year.

On Thursday, the Polaris Snowmobile Division of Medina, MN issued a special message to owners of the affected 2022 and 2023 Matryx PRO RMK and RMK KHAOS snowmobiles. The video discusses the forthcoming repair procedure to these vehicles.

Recall repair kits are not available for all impacted vehicles, so owners are advised to contact their local servicing Polaris snowmobile dealer for details on availability.

One of the conditions Polaris cites as a concern for the cause of brake overheating is operator error where the rider engages the brake and throttle simultaneously. The majority of the repair procedure includes a software update which will warn the rider if excessive operation of the brake and throttle is occurring, such as in instances where operators are riding the brake and throttle for more than four seconds.

A warning message will flash on the information panel of the vehicle to indicate to the rider to ease off the controls as the engine power becomes limited and a limp mode is engaged until the engine is shut off and restarted. If the vehicle continues to be engaged for more than fifteen seconds while in limp mode, the engine will shut off automatically.

In the video, Cal Larson, Director of Snow Engineering at Polaris recommends some tips to prevent accidental riding of the brake during operation including adjusting the handlebar setup to suit your most optimal comfort.

Polaris states this recall repair will not in any way limit the performance of these vehicles and encourages all owners to complete the recall process.

All snowmobile owners are further advised to frequently inspect their braking system before riding.

To search off-road recalls by model or vehicle identification number (VIN), visit theΒ PolarisΒ Off-Road Safety Recalls pageΒ or call Polaris atΒ 800-765-2747.

To learn more about this recall, see Bulletin S-22-10, November 22, 2022.

Gerard RossmanΒ is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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