International Female Ride Day Gears Up for Annual Rides on Saturday

By: Will Burgess

The first Saturday in May marks a special yearly tradition in 2023: it’s the 17th annual International Female Ride Day (IFRD).

The yearly event which is hosted by MOTORESS, a website and support group aimed at women who ride or want to ride motorcycles, encourages women around the globe to join in on the dozens of synchronized group rides taking place across the world.

BRP, whichโ€”along with other major OEMs like Polaris and Indian Motorcyclesโ€”sponsors IFRD, has put together a comprehensive list of events to commemorate #IFRD23.

โ€œWe are very proud to be a corporate sponsor of the International Female Ride Day once again,โ€ said Martin Ethier, director, global marketing, Can-Am 3-Wheel at BRP. โ€œThis day is a celebration of women in powersports and those who choose to hit the open road and experience the thrill of the ride. We look forward to seeing all of the passionate riders from across the globe come together for this special day.โ€

The logo for the 17th annual International Female Ride Day or IFRD23. The yearly event will be held on Sat., May 6 globally. | Source: IFRD/MOTORESSยฎ

Further, an official Facebook group by the IFRD coordinators features many more grassroots organized events happening elsewhere in a city near you.

Vicki Gray, founder of MOTORESS and IFRD will commemorate the the thousands of women anticipated to participate globally by joining the celebration in Mexico City, Mexico this year.

“IFRD gives woman riders a platform for recognition, support, and acknowledgement, said Gray. “I hope together we continue to create an inclusive community that celebrates female rider enthusiasts from all walks of life and encourages more women to get involved in the activity… to enjoy the experience without apprehension or judgement.โ€

International Female Ride Day takes place Sat., May 6th wherever you and your motorcycle, ATV, or any manner of recreational vehicle happen to be.

Cover photo: BRP endorses IFRD through sponsorships and helping to encourage local rides through their initiatives to get more women to ride their three-wheeled vehicles like the Can-Am Ryker. | Source: BRP.

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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