How to Improve the Performance of a Honda XR250R


1) Change your motorcycle’s oil and oil filter. Old oil can be full of contaminants such as aluminum flaking, oxidation and other particulates. This causes oil to lubricate and cool less well, thus making your motorcycle operate with more friction and at a higher temperature. This is bad for performance.

2) Add high-octane fuel supplement to your motorcycle fuel. Doing so can drastically increase engine performance.

3) Use a socket wrench to remove your motorcycle’s seat mounting bolts and pull the seat off. Remove and clean the air filter. Then allow it to dry. Oil and reinstall the filter. Clogged air filters can be one of the greatest culprits of bad engine performance.

4) Install an aftermarket exhaust kit on your XR250R. Not only do aftermarket exhaust systems make the engine sound more powerful, but they can add low-end torque for your motor.

5) Remove the tires on your motorcycle by removing the lug bolts. Then, using a tire-change bar, replace both of the tires. Bald tires, while often overlooked, can be a huge culprit for bad motorcycle performance. After all, good acceleration requires good traction.

*Keeping your motorcycle in overall good maintenance is the best way to keep it running well for a long time.

*Always stay aware of pinch points when working around motorcycle parts.

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