Dunlop Geomax MX51 Tire Review

KTM’s test rider Mike Sleeter tried the Dunlop Geomax MX51 tires. He stated “The Geomax MX51, successor to the immensely popular D756 series, excels beyond the D756’s legendary performance, and is destined to create a new legend of its own. The MX51 is designed to excel in intermediate terrain while also delivering excellent performance in both soft terrain as well as hard-pack conditions, plus added durability. The Geomax MX31 supplants the D773 and sets new performance benchmarks in soft terrain, especially in sandy and muddy conditions. Both tires are aimed squarely at riders who compete on the racetrack, as well as serious enthusiasts who want the ultimate performance from their tires.”

Sleeter commented “The intermediate-terrain MX51 utilizes, our all-new and innovative Geomax Reinforced Pattern, a pattern that improves performance in every parameter—straight-line traction, cornering grip, handling, braking, bump absorption and durability—compared to the D756 series. A side-by-side comparison reveals a more open center-tread area for improved straight-line acceleration and more tread volume (greater land/sea ratio) in the shoulders for excellent cornering grip.”

He also said “Every tread block on the front tire features recessed biting edges, providing more traction and greater grip over a wide range of terrain conditions, especially in corners and ruts. The same recesses can be found on the shoulder blocks of the rear tire. The shoulder block knobs of both front and rear tires are placed in a unique pattern for better traction and grip in medium/medium-hard riding conditions. Each block base has a larger radius for increased strength and added durability, and performance is further enhanced by a “tie-bar” design that connects and reinforces the tread blocks to produce greater toughness and chunking resistance. Finally, the shallow recessed areas in the  spaces between the tread blocks give the MX51 improved compliance for enhanced bump absorption and damping characteristics.”

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