The Truth About Adding Aftermarket Exhausts

High performance motorcycle exhaust pipes are about the most common thing to customize on motorcycles today. Over the years, most anyone could bolt-on some new custom exhaust pipes and usually get more power as a result.

With todayโ€™s motorcycles using electronic fuel injection (EFI), including Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, you typically need to invest a little more to really get more power. This is true when it comes to getting power from using high flow air filters on your motorcycle too.

Motorcycle fuel injection systems use an electronic control unit (ECU) to constantly monitor and adjust the fuel air mixture to get the best efficiency. When your fuel injected motorcycle was made, the ECU program that controls it was based on using the factory hardware, including the air filter and the factory exhaust pipes.

By replacing the factory pipes with some nice custom pipes, like ones from Vance + Hines, Samson and others, you likely altered the exhaust flow and increased the flow capacity. Same thing is true with using a high fl

ow air filter, like a K&N air filter for motorcycles. These typically โ€œbreatheโ€ easier than factory filters. These are great additions for any bike.

Dynojet offers an interesting solution to this that they call a โ€œPower Commander.โ€ This device is available for several brands of motorcycles, including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and more. It might not sound so great to spend money for this in addition to the several hundred you already spent for the high performance pipes and air filter, but if you really want to utilize all the performance your motorcycle has to offer, this is one way to squeeze a bit more power from your motorcycle engine.Assuming you purchased these items so that you could feel a gain in power, you might be only feeling a portion of the improvement they are capable of. Why? Because your motorcycleโ€™s fuel injection system was not programmed to run with these accessories, it will try to make whatever adjustments it can, but more than likely wonโ€™t be able to work as well as you hoped for.

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