How to Prepare your Snowmobile for Storage

Snowmobiles are a blast but all good things must come to an end…and when winter is over this snow toy has to be readied for off season storage. If you take good care of it when you put it away it will be ready to go next winter without a hitch.

1) Always put a snowmobile away after you have meticulously cleaned it. Anywhere you leave dirt or junk is more liable to rust or crack or be damaged in some way. Do the best cleaning on it right now–it will pay off in the long run.

2) Drain all fuel from the tank. Then run the engine at idle speed to clear the fuel lines and carburetor. Alternatively, you can add fuel stabilizer to extend the life of fresh fuel (stabilizer is not effective with older fuel).

3) Remove the spark plugs, and add a teaspoon of two-cycle oil in each cylinder. Turn the engine over a few times to lubricate the cylinder walls. Then replace the plugs or install new ones.

4) Remove the drive belt so that it won’t stretch during storage.

5) Lubricate the drive chain and drive clutch with light grease.

6) Plug all openings, such as the exhaust and air intake, to keep out rodents.

7) Take out the starting battery. First disconnect it and then completely remove it from the snowmobile. If you do this it won’t be dead when you go to use it next season. Clean the whole battery off. Rub the terminals with a little water and baking soda and wipe down the body. Store battery in a cool, dry place away from where small children play.

8) Remove the seat, if possible, and store it inside. You may want to apply a vinyl protectant.

9) Put a board under the skis and track. Apply anti-rust paint on the wear bars, as well as on any bare metal areas on the skis.

10) Wax your snowmobile so that it won’t get dry and risk cracking over the summer. It needs to be clean and then have a nice coat of paste wax to protect it form summer heat.

11) Cover the machine with a breathable tarp, or snowmobile cover.

12) Your snowmobile should be all set and good to go when you take it out next season. Have fun!

*REMINDER: Always put your snowmobile away clean–but clean it especially well before you store it.

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