Getting more power out of your Yamaha YZ450F

GYTR® by FMF® Factory 4.1™ Muffler

This all-new Factory 4.1™ Muffler incorporates the latest FMF Resonance Chamber Technology®. The patented chamber design enhances and refines exhaust pressure. Its patented core shape lowers sound level while maintaining maximum power output, and the patented canister shape increases internal volume for more sound-absorbing material. Factory Forward Engineering centralizes mass and is less prone to impact damage. Maintenance is made easy with the removal of four screws on the front end cap, and the innovative rear end cap simplifies installation of the spark arrestor (sold separately) or tuning tip inserts. Includes QuietCore™ 94 dBA insert. Meets AMA® and FIM sound requirements. Used by the JGR and Star Racing factory-support teams. Compatible with stock or FMF® header. Built 100% in the U.S.A.
This accessory is restricted to closed-course use.

GYTR® High Flow Air Filter

Two separate layers of foam provide optimized filtration with maximum airflow. Increases performance. Filter is completely washable and reusable.

GYTR® Power Tuner

This easy plug-in fuel-injection and ignition tuning tool allows riders to quickly adjust the fuel and ignition maps to suit riding conditions and rider preference. Allows 9 easy-to-program adjustment points for both the fuel and ignition maps. Monitor function allows user to monitor the data from various sensors on the bike as well as adjust idle timing, see engine running time, and self-diagnosis function. Powered by two AA batteries, thus no laptop or time consuming downloads necessary. Unit does not have to be plugged into bike to create maps. Compact design can fit in the palm of your hand, pocket, etc. Memory function can save up to 9 custom maps.

Remember, if you upgrade one of these elements, you should upgrade them all. Adding more oxygen into the combustion chamber, means you need you need to add more fuel. More fuel, more air. More fuel & air, more exhaust gases. The best method of getting the most power out of your machine is to do these upgrades at the same time.

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