How to Change the Oil in a Dirt Bike

Changing the oil on your dirt bike is an important part of extending the life of the engine. The oil should be changed every 2,000 to 3,000 miles or every six months, depending on how often and how hard you ride your bike. Taking your bike to the shop every time can add up quickly, so learning to change the oil can save you time and money. You can do it in about 10 minutes once you have done it once or twice


1) Start your dirt bike and let it run long enough to warm up the oil; five to 10 minutes should be sufficient. Cold oil won’t drain as well and is more likely to leave sludge in the engine.

2) Place the pan underneath the engine and remove the oil drain plug. Use a socket wrench with a long extension. Be careful as you remove the plug; hot oil will begin to leak out before you remove the drain plug.

3) Remove the washer from the drain plug and clean any small metal pieces off of the end of the plug before putting on the new washer.

4) Remove the oil filter. Spread a small amount of oil on the new filter’s O ring before installing it on the bike. If you don’t know where your filter is located, refer to your owner’s manual. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, try looking for the filter on the bottom of the engine, just above the frame.

5) Replace the oil drain plug.

6) Remove the oil filler cap. It should be possible to remove by hand but can be removed with needle-nosed pliers if it is tight.

7) Use the funnel and add the manual-recommended amount of oil, minus about half a quart, or use the markings on the engine.

8) Screw in the oil filler cap and start the engine. Let it idle for a minute or two before shutting it off.

9) Stand the motorcycle upright and level using the kickstand and/or blocks. Check the clear window on the side of the crankcase. Add oil until it is even with the center line.

Extra tips:

* The oil can get very hot. If you have been riding, be extra careful when removing the drain plug.

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