How to Recharge a KTM Electric Start Dirt Bike

When you buy a new or used KTM motorcycle, some times the battery is not fully charged, and over time the battery will lose power. To fix this problem, all you need to do is charge the battery fully. The battery on a KTM motorcycle is located behind the rear quarter panel on the opposite side of the exhaust. When you get behind the bike, the battery is in clear view. All you will need is a standard powersports battery charger, such as a Battery Tender, and about three hours to fully charge the battery


1) Inspect your battery cables for any corrosion or damage. If there is any corrosion on the battery cables, or posts, clean it up with a wire brush dipped in water, and then baking soda. Finish up by wiping with a lint free cloth. Use electrical grease to protect against corrosion in the future.

(If you must remove the battery cables, always remove the negative cable first.)

2)Β Park your KTM on level ground next to an electrical outlet. Plug the battery charger into the electrical outlet and turn the power on

3)Β Connect the clamps on the battery charger to the corresponding outputs on the top of the battery. The red cable is the positive, and the black cable is the negative.

4)Β Allow the battery to charge for three hours. Disconnect the cables from the battery and start the engine.

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