Cleaning and Lubing Cables on your dirt bike

Cleaning and Lubing Cables

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ย Lubing your cables is one of the cheapest ways to keep your bike feeling new. Water and dirt seep into your cables when you wash the bike. Using a pressure washer is even more of a problem. Cleaning and lubing your cables not only eliminates the water and dirt but also increases the cable’s life. To clean and lube your cables, you have to remove the cable from the perch and lever. For throttle cables you must disconnect the carburetor end; you don’t want to flush water and dirt into the carburetor. Put on a standard cable lube tool and flush the cable with contact cleaner. The contact cleaner will cleanse any dirt and grime in its path. Then flush the cable several times with a lubricant.

About every third time you lube the cable, reassemble the lever with some light grease around the pivot hole. The light grease will give the lever a smoother feel and reduce the effort required to operate it. The grease will also attract grit, so you will need to clean the lever and perch more often than if you leave it dry.ย You must remove the cable from the control end (both ends on the throttle cable) to lube it.ย The lube tool is sealed with rubber, but the spray will leak, so use a rag to save the mess.






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