How to Change a Starter on a Kawasaki Prairie 300 ATV

The Kawasaki Prairie 300 ATV is a mid-sized rancher style ATV with a 299 cc, four-stroke engine. Replacing the starter is something that will need to be done a few times throughout the life of the ATV. The starter is located on the front of the engine, just below the radiator. Few tools are need to replace the starter and you can complete this repair your garage.

1)Β Get on your back and slide under the front frame of the vehicle. You need to be looking up at the face of the engine to see the starter.

2)Β Use a screwdriver to loosen the two wire connectors on the rear of the starter and the one on the front. Pull the wires from the starter.

3)Β Remove the two bolts from the top and bottom of the starter with a ratchet set. Pull the starter from the engine and place the new starter onto the engine.

4)Β Replace and tighten the mounting bolts. Reconnect the wires in the opposite way that you removed them.

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