How to Flush a personal watercraft

Like other personal watercraft and wave riders that can travel at speed, PWC are a great way to enjoy and explore open water such as the sea, lakes and reservoirs. Although a PWC does not require a lot of maintenance, it runs more efficiently if the engine and inner components are flushed (cleaned and rinsed) after use, particularly if they have come into contact with saltwater, sand or debris. Flushing a PWC takes less time than washing a car and will help ensure your powerful machine performs to its optimum ability and does not break down.


1) Remove the PWC from the water and place it on the trailer attached to your vehicle. If your trailer tilts downward then place the rear of the PWC at the lower of the two ends so gravity helps drain the water away from the engine.

2) Connect one end of the hose to the PWC’s flush port and the other end to the water supply. Depending on the type of PWC you own, a flush kit may be needed rather than a standard hose.

3) Press the ignition button and let the engine run while you quickly turn on the tap and let a strong flow of water enter your machine. Do not let the engine function without water for more than 15 seconds as it may seriously damage your craft.

4) Rev the engine several times while flushing the system with freshwater for between three and five minutes.

5) Disconnect the hose from the PWC and rev the engine two or three times so the engine coughs out any water left inside.

6) Wash down the outside of the PWC with soap for a couple of minutes and turn off the tap.

7) Dry your craft with a soft towel or cloth or let it dry naturally in the sun for a few minutes. Apply wax if you wish.

8) Fit a protective cover over the PWC, if you wish, in order to ensure no debris hits or enters the craft while it is being towed to its storage place.

Extra tips:

*Using soap and wax on the exterior of the PWC will ensure greater protection against the elements.

*Never let your PWC engine run without water for longer than 15 seconds.

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