Cycra Stealth MX Handshields review

Used by such names in pro SX motorcycle racing as Mike LaRocco, Kevin Windham, and quad pro rider, Tim Farr; Cycra Stealth MX Handshields are taking the motocross scene by storm. Based off the popular Enduro model hand guards which are popular in GNCC off-road racing, the Stealth’s are more compact and smaller for the demands of motocross. They fit in a manner so that a rider’s controls are not interrupted, nor do they interfere with rider comfort. Fitting nearly all off-road vehicle handlebars with their unique alloy bar mounts which will work with factory 7/8in bars and even the 1 1/8in fat bars which were used in this test, the retail price is $54.95 for the Stealth’s. They come in an array of colors and a wide arrangement of adjustment that can be done in a snap. They even work with aftermarket perches and levers.

Cycra mounting kit and shieldsCycra mounting kit and shieldsCycra mounting kit assembled
Cycra mounting kit assembledCycra shields installed on bars
Cycra shields installed on bars

Tools Needed
Installation on the Cycra Stealth hand shields is probably one of if not the easiest modification a rider can make. Installation can be done in less than 5 minutes which gives you more time to ride, rather than put on parts. Any novice mechanic can easily get them on in a flash. The only parts needed are an Allen wrench and a Philips screwdriver. Cycra sends the mounting kit in the package with the shields which consists of the following: eight (8) mounting bolts, four (4) bolt washers, two (2) mounting brackets, two (2) mounting bracket clamps, and finally the two (2) handshields.

Step-By-Step Installation
Step one is to gather the four smaller Allen head bolts and the four washers to install onto the shields. Place the shields on the mounts where the holes are showing and then put in the four screws. (Two on each shield.)

Step two is to then place the two clamps on the underside of the handlebars between the grips and your lever perches. You may have to loosen and move you clutch and throttle perches over slightly to fit them on. For our test on our 05 ATK450, nothing was needed to be moved, but all models and setups vary. Next place the mounting brackets over the tops of the handlebars above the clamps. Line up the mounting holes, insert screws, and tighten until moderately tight.

Step three is the final and probably the longest step, but still easy. While the bolts on the clamps aren’t fully tightened, adjust the brackets so that the shields cover the required and wanted area. They can be raised or lowered to a certain degree to each rider’s preference. Once preference is obtained, tighten the clamp bolts with a Philips screwdriver and you’re done.

First Impressions/Complaints
The entire kit from Cycra is built very well and has been proven to hold up to the tough abuse of motocross racing for all off-road racing. The mounting brackets are one example of Cycra’s unique quality in their equipment. Our test rider has used them in a total of three races so far with great success. One happened to be a mud fest in which the handgrips stayed over 90% clean. Complaints? We haven’t been able to find anything to complain about. Cycra has made a very nice product with great customer service. There should be no hesitation in a decision on purchasing from Cycra in our opinion.

Cycra shields installed on bars - right-side view Cycra shields installed on bars - left-side view

Summed Up
To sum it up, Cycra gets two thumbs up on the Stealth MX handshields. And for our woods racing friends, Cycra offers the Enduro series guards which provide a much wider degree of coverage and wrap-around mounting brackets. We were very impressed with the Stealth’s and recommend all riders to go down to their local dealer and pick up a set, or call Cycra directly at their toll free number listed below. Option or necessity? We think necessity. One ride and you’ll be hooked.

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