How to Install a Dirt Bike Steering Damper

steering damper is a component that can be added to your dirt bike to help keep the steering working properly. Using a steering damper actually helps to prevent an unsteady and uneven ride. Without the damper, your dirt bike may pull to the right or pull to the left unnecessarily. To attach a steering damper to the dirt bike, you will need to add it to the top of the handlebars where the bars fork. 

Step 1 – Understand Dirt Bikes Vary and Inspect Your Bike

Dirt bikes vary from one manufacturer to the other. In addition, a dirt bike is not like a regular motorcycle. There are mounting kits that are specifically designed and develop for each individual dirt bike. Make sure you have the mounting kit that is specific to the make, model and year of your unit. Once you have picked the mounting kit, make sure you also pull out your manual for your dirt bike.

Since the steering damper must be installed on your handlebars, measure for a location that will be out of the way and will not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle.

Be sure that your handlebars have enough clearance to fit the stabilizer.  You also need to be sure that the stabilizer can be centered over your bike’s steering stem.  Different stabilizing units have different ways to mount on the unit and you need to determine which position on the bar you choose for your bike and select the damper accordingly.  There may be several positioning choices for you.

Step 2 – Preassemble the Unit First

Preassemble the damper before beginning your installation if it is not already assembled.

Step 3 – Attach Fittings to the Frame

Attach the frame bracket to the frame in the location specified in the instructions for your particular bike. You will probably need to remove the upper triple clamp so you can slide the frame bracket around the head tube. Tighten assembly well. Your installation kit will contain a handlebar mounting clip. Replace the ones on your bike with the one in the kit. Tighten down.

Step 4 – Mount the Damper

You are now ready to mount the damper. Install the damper on the mounting clip and tighten accordingly.

Step 5 – Adjust the Tower Pin

The tower pin should float and will also need to come through the top of the damper link arm. Be sure that it just come through. The link arm should not bottom-out.

Step 6 – Check Alignment

Sit on the bike. Look from the damper link arm to the backbone. When the handlebars are straight, these should line up. Next, move the handlebars back and forth, from lock to lock. If nothing scrapes, makes contact or binds, you have installed the damper in the correct position. Check the steering stop to see that the damper is not in the way. Be certain that the steering stops are working property or you could damage the bike’s sheer pin.

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