Spoke Maintenence and Tightening

Spoke Maintenence and Tightening

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There is a definite science to tightening spokes; you can’t just crank them tight with a spoke wrench and call it good. When tightening spokes, always space out the tightening, skipping five spokes at a time. It will take about seven wheel rotations to tighten every spoke. Skipping those five spokes allows them to be tightened evenly; you won’t be pulling one side of the wheel more than the other.

When tightening, go a quarter turn at a time with your spoke wrench to avoid pulling the wheel out of true. If any spokes are loose but the nipples are hard to turn, give them a drop of assembly lube or motor oil so they turn with more ease.

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You can buy this small lube bottle at a hardware store. Aerosols are too much for this job.
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A small amount of lubrication (light motor oil) will keep the nipples from corroding to the spokes.
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Use a spoke wrench with a snug fit on the nipple, and tighten a little at a time.
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